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Stress has become a major issue for work performance and sick leave. According to Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh: "When under continuous stress, cells of the immune system are unable to respond properly, and consequently produce levels of inflammation that lead to disease."

According to Cohen, conditions brought on by stress include:

  • common cold 

  • weight gain

  • slower healing 

  • sleep dysfunction 

  • heart disease

  • depression

  • ulcers, and other stomach problems

  • back, neck and shoulder pain

According to The Austrian Employee Health Monitor: "Almost 29 percent of all employees in Austria have to be categorized as mentally stressed to a higher extent, ten percent of which to a very high extent. During the last two years, the share of employees with multiple mental stress has grown from nine to 13 percent."



"People in companies often don't know how to deal with employees suffering from psychological stress after their sick leaves (which are often quite long, i.e. 36.8 days on average)". A clinical trial by Rev Lat Am Enfermagem - 2016 has shown that Reiki + Massage has been effective in the treatment of stress and anxiety. Today, Reiki education is offered free of charge in more than 800 American Hospitals as a means to accelerate the healing process and to alleviate pain.


Practices such as mindfulness, massage, yoga and energy healing have been adopted by major corporations such as Facebook, Mind Valley, Nike, KLM, and WeWork as preventative and health-promoting methods to support their employees as well as create a safer and happier work environment. Wellness offerings not only reduce stress on a personal level but also help strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. It is no secret that happy employees are more productive, respectful, and resourceful.

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The One-on-One Treatment Packages consist of a visit to your office for a minimum of 3.5 hours (€210)
Required is a small private room, in quiet surroundings, with enough space to fit a massage bed, one chair, and enough space to move around the bed comfortably.
Sessions last between 40-60 minutes each. A10-minute break after each session is needed.
For more effective time management it is advised to set up an employee list at least 3 days in advance. I will provide you with an information email to send out to your team within 48 hours of booking.
One-on-One Treatments are the most effective for relaxation and mental wellbeing. They can be booked as weekly or monthly recurring appointments or as

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