Frequently asked questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of Hands on (or no-touch) Energy Healing. I has been developed in Japan, in the 1920s by Mikao Usui. It is often used as a complementary treatment to help heal both emotional as well as physical ailments. Energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms. Reiki centers on the movement of ki, the Japanese version of chi. Rei translates to "God's Wisdom" or "the Higher Power" and Ki to "life force energy". A practitioner can connect to the body's energy field either through touch or remotely and in this way help energy move through freely where there might be 'blockages'.

What does Reiki feel like?

Everyone's experience of a Reiki treatment is diffeent. Common experiences are a sense of deep relaxation, tingling sensations, temperature changes, visuals, emotion carrying memories, emotional releases such as crying or laughing, tummy rumbles, single body part shakes.

After a Reiki treatment the most common sensations are of a weight having being lifted, an emotion released, a newfound sense of safety, decrease of any prior pain or discomfort or a generall happier mood and more positive outlook.

How does remote Reiki work?

Reiki treatments can be sent over any distance, from a different room all the way to a different continent.

The way I run my Remote Reiki Sessions is:

You buy your session here
I will email you within the next 2-3 days to discuss a good time and date for your session as well as ask for your Whatsapp number to remind you of your sesion.
On the date and time of your session you will need to find a quiet and comfortable space to lie down, preferably with a blanket covering you (even if the room is relatively warm you might feel cold after longer periods of not moving).

I suggest to have a glass of water near by as well as a cup of herbal tea, to have after your session. You might also like to keep a journal nearby to write down any messages that might come up for you. 10 minutes before your ression I will send you a reminder on Whatsapp. I will also send you a link to a spotify playlist to play during your session. (this is not essential, but a lovely touch to add to your experience). Download this playlst so that you can play it whilst your phone is on airplane mode. Set an alarm to notify you at the end of your session.

Following your session I will follow up with another message and you are also welcome to share anything that came up for you during your session.

Can Reiki have any negative side effects?

Reiki has no negative side effects. What might sometimes be experienced as negative can be a difficult unprocessed emotion or thought. These might come to the surface during a session in order to be healed and released. This process is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. If you are suffering from any other difficult mental or health conditions, please bear in mind that Reiki is not an alternative to seeing your doctor.

Can I use Reiki instead of going to the doctor?

No. Please if you are suffering from any other difficult mental or health conditions, bear in mind that Reiki is not an alternative to seeing your doctor. There have been some trully miraculous results through the use of energy healing and it can turn out to be a very valuable adition to your process but, please make sure you are taking all the steps advised by your medical practitioner, be gentle with yourself and mindful with your self-practice.

Can I buy a Reiki session as a gift?

A Reiki session would make for a beautiful gift!
You may buy a session as normal and when I get in touch with you via email, you will need to let me know the email of the recipient.

They will receive the gift email with the price removed.

As with all therapies it is always advised to consult with your friend or relative to make sure it is a gift they would be open to and comfortable with.

Can I get Reiki send to someone without their knowledge?

As beautiful a gesture that might be, Reiki in my practice cannot be sent without permission from the recipient. Energy healing requires one to be open to receive a treatment. The only exception to this is when your friend or relative is not in a state to help themselves (i.e. cannot communicate). In this case a treatment can be sent with the pre-intention being, on my side, for the energy to be received if it is subconciously welcome by the intended recipient.