How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Updated: May 5, 2020

So far it has been quite an intense wave. But don't worry, it's all evening out.

I have definitely been to some deep and dark rabbit holes with this one, so if you have too, it's ok, you're not alone.

What's Going On?

Mercury is the ruler of communications. When this planet goes into retrograde it can often cause some turbulence in our relationships and work/life balance.

The most common things that can happen are feelings of stress and anxiety, feeling stuck in your head and having difficulties getting simple life things in order. This can range from misunderstandings with friends, missing trains, losing bank cards, misreading information, turning up for events at the wrong time and double booking yourself.

As much as this might feel like the biggest pain in the ***, Mercury Retrograde does come with its lessons. In tarot we often refer to these 'collapsing' times as 'tower moments' (look into the meaning of the tower card in tarot). Tower moments generally signify BIG difficult changes -which are usually a bit more intense than Mercury Retrograde happenings, but there are some similarities in the energy.

What to DO

  1. Take it easy, don't rush. Whatever plans you might have can still happen, but try not to cram you diary and arrange back-to-back events. Leave extra time for travel and add a 15 minute meditation to your morning routine to help clear your mind for the day ahead.

  2. Listen. Be patient with your words. If you feel like there might be a difficult conversation coming up, try to stop yourself from charging in with all your opinions. Retreat, and ask questions calmly. Take some extra time to really understand where the other is coming from. If you are unsure about something, or feel threatened by an opinion, ask. Double check if what you understood is really what they are trying to say.

  3. Avoid signing any contracts or making big decisions. This might be unavoidable if you're in a position where you need to move house or change jobs. If it is, make sure to take all the time you need to double check the details. Read everything carefully and make sure there's no loose ends. Definitely don't skip any information pages and leave nothing to assumption.

The Lessons

Each Mercury Retrograde seems to bring out little aspects of life that might not be working for us any more. It tends to highlight the things we tried so hard to shove under the carpet. This might include unexpressed feelings or bad habits we are leaving unaltered. As uncomfortable as these mini revelations might be, they do in the end always serve your growth. Be easy with yourself and all will align itself perfectly.

If you need any extra energetic support during this Retrograde, you can book a distance reiki healing session with me here.

Much Love to you all.



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