How to Cleanse your Space after an Argument

Updated: May 5, 2020

No matter how balanced and grounded we are, and how well we've 'got it together', every now and again stress can creep into our lives in the form of heated discussions, disagreements and misunderstandings. These intense clashes can often leave us exhausted, feeling hurt, unheard or wondering what it is we've done wrong.

There is a heavy energy in the air, you can feel the residue of the argument and 'bad energy' lingering in your space. Clear, heart centred communication is always the key to resolution, but there are also some practices you can incorporate to help this energy lift and clear.

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Invite light into your space.

Once you are left alone in the space, where the argument took place, take a few minutes for yourself. Open the nearest window to let fresh air into the room. Sit down in a comfortable position, either on your favourite armchair or the comfiest floor cushion you can find. Set a timer on your phone for alarm clock for ten minutes. In these ten minutes close your eyes and focus on your breath. Watch your breath move through your body, without trying to control or pace it in any way, just observe.

Breathing in this way might bring up some emotional 'residue' for clearing. This can express itself in angry thoughts flowing through the mind or tears of sadness.
Let this happen.

Set an intention

Once the ten minutes are up you may get up and shake your arms and legs to bring back some new revitalising energy into your body. Stand still and set the intention of bringing love and clarity back into your space.

You can now close your window. Find your favourite smelling essential oil (I recommend something calming such as lavender or refreshing such as pine). Add a few drops to your oil burner or diffuser. If you don't have an oil burner or diffuser you can always light a naturally scented candle or incense stick.

I personally love the more traditional oil burners as they help add to the sense of ritual.

Close your practice

Once you have set up your aroma station, bring in a mantra/affirmation such as "I now let go of all negativity and intend to move forward only with love and peace". Bring your palms into prayer position, feeling strong in your space, and repeat this mantra three times. Feel the energy shift that has just taken place and trust that you have all it takes to move forward with a new sense of clarity.

If you would like to delve deeper into a space of inner peace and balance, you can book a distance Reiki balancing session with me here.

Much Love to you all



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