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Dear & Wild - former 'Baking Bad' is an all round Wellness Platform which has started its journey as a Vegan Cakes Business in London in 2016.

The Story:

Korina, founder of Baking Bad→now Dear & Wild, has started her journey through her love of animals, nature and creativity.

In 2008 she acquired her Diploma from University of the Arts London (UAL - LCF) and, has moved on to graduating in 2011
with a BA(Hons) in Fashion from the Ravensbourne University London. Soon after graduation, she moved onto a graduate position with Fiona Colquhoun Design in 2012 where she worked on creating trend swatches which have sold to world renowned fashion brands including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Topshop, Anthropologie and Victora's Secret.

Over the next few years Korina took time out travelling as well as exploring different pathways around cruelty-free living and design. She got hired and trained by Biscuiteers, a luxury biscuits company in London, which is where she started picking up new idea pieces for the launch of her business 'Baking Bad'.

'Baking Bad' came together as a combination of design and veganism, which she launched in London in 2016.

Soon after launching, the business experienced a major growth spurt over the first 2 years.
Korina had focused her attention on her online presence and marketing, which got Baking Bad noticed and had her working with,
and appearing in events and major Expo Shows such as Vegan NightsVegfest, Vegan Life Live, The Just V Show and PlantBased Live.

During the running of her business, Korina was also immersing herself further into the world of wellness, spirituality and self-care.
She has trained with Brighitta Moser-Clark, acquiring her Reiki Master Certificate, as well as Fiongal Greenlaw for Tarot.

In 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Europe, Korina moved to Austria to be closer to family.
She continued her work online, firstly working on in-house graphics for a Vegan business in Graz as well as taking over
their social media channels. 

Having witnessed the direct impact social media can have on a business, Korina is now part of a bigger network of Social Media Strategists and Marketing Experts, allowing her to always be in the know regarding algorithm changes, new features tools and trends.

The idea of growth, both spiritually as well as in business, seem to go hand in hand.
The growth of a wellness or eco conscious design business means that, more people will be able to benefit from the offerings I have majorly benefited from myself. This is why, it is now my mission to help spread the message of heart centred brands I believe in.

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